How to do it all & be the best at it this year

Ever wondered how to do it all and be the best at it this year? I’ll get back to this in just a moment…

How to do it all and be the best at it this year

I’m just getting back to blogging after an entire month off.  I missed you all and writing words that my heart was bursting to share.  I had a lot of meaningful moments with my family over Christmas, 3 of my six kids birthdays (3 birthdays in 2 days!) and New Year’s.  Happy New Year by-the-way!  

I’ve felt such an amazing excitement over this New Year.  Like something is bubbling up and I am excited to see what comes.  Do you feel it too or is it just me?  I hope you have a sense of it too.  It doesn’t matter how great or how hard things might be.  God is always up to good things for your life. 

Which brings me to what’s been on my heart lately.  I’ve been pondering how I can do the hard stuff this year, how I can be a great mom and a fantastic wife, a doting friend…?  Falling into the trap of being perfect at it all or believing the bad mom lie just won’t cut it anymore.  So, how do I, how do WE start off a new year and really do it well?

Let’s get back to how to do it all and be the best at it this year:



We make it all about glory.  Wrapped up in that word is freedom and power and love beyond measure. Can I explain?

When I whisper doubts and fears to All Knowing ears and wonder how to do better, how to get it right, how to not struggle and fall so badly I am reminded by sweet lips to “Just do it all for glory.”  For the Glory of God.

What a load off of any weighed down momma’s shoulders.  No measuring stick or standard to meet up to. No perfect system to follow.  No 5 steps to being great at…anything.  Just live in a space where your heart craves glory…for God.

I can certainly do that.

In my mothering – I won’t try to please you or show you up or beat myself up because I’m not as great.  No, I’ll be a mom for His glory only.  He get’s to hold all my failures, cover them, and if I get any of it right? It’s His, for His glory.  I can be an excellent mom with His fame in mind. Not what anyone might think of me {including my children} but His thoughts of me alone.

In my marriage – I’ll seek to be excellent for the glory of God who made me one with my husband and that’s it.  I won’t do it because that’s what a good girl should do or because I have to but because I have been made to bring my Father glory and in His strength and power I can be an amazing wife that honors God as I bless my husband.

As a friend, a sister, a daughter – I can love like crazy, forgive radically, share, bless and encourage all for the glory of my King who outdoes me on every count. 

As a writer – I can just follow His lead and write to glorify God. What a concept?! No “must do” blogging rules to follow, no pressure to become anything more than what He’s made me to be.  No need to “make something happen.”

So long burdens. So long should’ves and could’ves.  I know I won’t get it all perfect this year but I know that letting go and simply living glory… I can do that.   Bowing low for less of me and more of Him?  Yes please.

If I do everything for His glory this year then I will be the best I can be.  

Doesn’t that sound freeing?  What do you think it would look like if we lived our whole year long only seeking Glory for our God?  Maybe pretty different than we’ve already imagined the year going?  How are you making this year about God’s glory?



  1. Beautiful and challenging, Kristin! “Bowing low for less of me and more of Him? Yes please.” Yes. Please.

    Deb Weaver


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