Dear Jan, I see Jesus in you {encouragement revolution & link up}

Want to join me in an encouragement revolution today?  It just takes a handful of us to start speaking encouragement into the lives of those we come across.  We all need encouragement and you make a HUGE difference in someone’s life TODAY!  Go ahead, send a card, write and email, call or text a friend and tell her she’s amazing and all of the reasons why.

Today I just had to write to Jan Greenwood.  She is the women’s pastor at my church and an amazing friend and mentor.  I have learned so much sitting under her leadership and helping her market her powerful book.  She is a world changer, leads with grace and is a wise woman of God.


Dear Jan,

I see Jesus in you friend.  To be around you is to sense the greatness of God working in you and flowing out of you. You shine so brightly.  I always walk away from time with you so refreshed and encouraged.   

Your passion for loving women well is inspiring.  To love so fully, so vulnerably, is just like Jesus.  You are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus as you lead with grace.

I love the determined look in your eyes and your dedication to follow Christ no matter the cost.  I appreciate that you share so much of yourself with others.  You live a life that is poured out in honor of your calling.

You are a blessing to many! I feel especially blessed to know you!




Now it’s your turn.  Every Thursday I am beginning an encouragement revolution.  Let’s call out what we see in each other and bless one another.  I want to encourage you to take a moment to speak love and life into someone by emailing them, calling them, texting them or even blogging about them.  Let them know what you see in them.

If you blog and want to link up with me I will be posting each week a note to someone who God puts on my heart to encourage.  Do the same on your blog  or write something that’s encouraging for your readers and link up below each week.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I’m going to play along. Now to think about who to bless this week.

    Glad I ran into your blog!


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